small pile of flying saucers sweets

Favourite Flying Saucers Penny Sweets From Yesteryear

Flying Saucers are fun aren’t they?

Simple Too, just flavoured Rice Paper with a tiny bit of sherbet in the middle.

I bet you’ve never heard of the Challenge?

A reviewer of this product on Amazon Uk claims he ate a whole tub of 500 in 4 hours!

I do not recommend this by the way.

    Do NOT do it

Apart from the aforementioned tub of 500 there are plenty of other sizes to suit all pockets.

Check out the selected sweets products on amazon uk on the links above or visit the flying saucers page to make your selections. If you have Amazon Prime you might get free delivery.

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Happy Memories

They were easily a favourite of ours when we used to go to the corner shop for “A Quarter of Sweets” when we were young.

Did you know the middle fizz in these retro sweets is actually a tiny bit of sherbet.

I like Sherbet, there’s something fun and delicious about it, remember the Sherbet dip dabs and the sherbet fountains, you can still get them.

My favourite way to eat them was to put a whole one in my mouth and wait for it to melt and dissolve the sherbet onto my tongue.

What’s your favourite way to eat them?